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PROJECT B.Y.S. (Bright Young Stars)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

For the first time in hundred years of history of the Law of Θελημα I hereby announce the widening of our Empire's frontiers to include Bright Young Stars within the scope of our keen Vision to uplift mankind to the sublime heights of Its evolution.

It has never before been conceived by the rest of Thelemic Community that young stars are not only an integral part of mankind which we as Noble Knights are sworn to Serve and Defend but that they also hold one of the most powerful and vital keys to the Destiny of the New Aeon of Horus.

We strive to abolish slavery that was imposed by the black cults thoroughly cursed in the Third Chapter of the Book of the Law upon all the nations and tribes of the earth. It is an interesting observation that many of those who are now slaves were poisoned and enslaved by social morality in their young age.

Therefore we should adopt a strategy which would address the root of the problem itself and the slave lords will naturally die out when this root is properly purified and nourished, the root of mankind are its young generations.

This on-line project is our first step towards the goal of introducing bright young stars to the Glory and Freedom of the Law of Θελημα so as to make them into brave and strong men and women who will in their turn play a great part in widening mankind's understanding.

Essays, books, poetry, songs, paintings, anything that inspires the young star towards freedom, teaches him true strength and educates him and her in Thelemic principles as well as any kind of suggestions and new ideas to expand and advance this project are welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

Hail be to the Bright Young Stars who are the future of our Glorious Destiny in the New Aeon of Horus!

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Thoth,
B.Y.S. Project Designer