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Free on-line Thelemic Consultancy for Young Stars

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

To be a newly incarnated young star discovering the world around him or her for the first time is no easy task especially if you live in a restricted society dominated by religions cursed in the Third Chapter of the Book of the Law. The opposition becomes even greater once you accept the Law of Θελημα and try to abide by It's principles.

You must then lurk and keep silence to your environment about your involvement with the Law of Θελημα to lessen the chance of persecution. That is of course in extreme cases, in a free country you've got considerable amount of freedom to act and live as you will.

There are many exciting adventures to experience, many obstacles to overcome and ordeals to fight through all of which make you into a stronger, more wise and honourable individual. If you have a difficulty with solving any sort of problem and need an advise do not expect the solution to come from anywhere but yourself for you are the ultimate creator of your destiny and your life is in no other but your own hands.

We believe that the only way a young star will come to full maturity and develop a sense of individuality is when he and she are treated not as children which is rather humiliating for most young stars but as a real man and a real woman, with due honour and respect.

Unlike everybody else who deals with young stars we do not pretend to know your will better then you, we only give you the valuable information and leave the rest up to you. We will not convert you, we will not do any thinking for you and we will never tell you what to do.

We will not help you but teach you how to help yourself.

Having understood the above feel free to write me an e-mail at the bottom of this page.

Love is the law, love under will


Frater Thoth