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Marcelo Motta from 'Calling the Children of the Sun'

'A word to tell You of the education of children. Your children do not belong to you, and parents who give their offspring their own name, followed of Junior, are satisfying a sad vanity. If you yourselves as you area and if you really loved your children, the last thing you would wish for in the world would be that they should resemble you.

In the New Age, more and more children will be born in each family that o not belong to the vibratory scale of the parents. This is because, in accord with the predictions of all seers in the last two hundred years, the family is no longer the unit of society.Vibratory scales that kept together for centuries, members of the same kind reincarnating constantly in the same genetic stream, are forever sundered.

The individual, man or woman, is the unit of society. The family is but the first group of individuals to whose presence the new soul is subjected.

Therefore, ye parents, if you would have the respect of your children, do not demand it as a right; prove by the example of your deeds that you deserve it, and your children will confer respect upon you as a prize you have earned.

This is ever the Law: awaken virtue in thy inner self, and thou shalt see with surprise how virtue lights up in the hearts of others.

Gone is the idea of family links. It takes time to die because of the inertia of the human mind, drilled by the habits of four thousand years (for the family was already formed in the Aeon of Isis, which preceded that of Osiris; only, then the mother was the chief of the family).

But its convulsions, as those of the Catholic Church, and generally speaking, Christianity, are the convulsions of death. The more parents reinforce their authority, the more children rebel, and they do well. Man's country is the world, his world is the universe, and his family is all mankind.

Is a God to live in a dog? No! And if by chance a God is born in the midst of a dog pack, and is asked to chew bones like the rest, what do you expect, but that the God outraged withdraw to the midst of his kind, or, in a fit of anger, decimate the insolent dogs until, scared, they stop bothering him and begin to obey him as it is proper? The slaves shall serve.

Would you raise your children well? Treat them as fresh incarnations of divinity, gods newly-descended into this world, green heralds of the heights, messengers of that mysterious world beyond the grave whither you are bound.

Allow them all opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience, and let them choose freely among all the opportunities you allow them. Do not limit them ever but in the things that common sense urges, that is, in the conservation of health and the discipline of intelligence.

It is well to command a child not to put its hand in the fire, but it is even better to explain to it that fire burns the unwary, and give a demonstration.

When you son or your daughter reaches the age of responsibility, that is, puberty, moment when the Fire manifests itself for the first time through the whole flesh, or the Water springs through the portals of life with its sweetness and its joy, do not try to put out the fire, do not try to dam the water. Rather teach the boy and girl all you know of the reproduction of the sexes, which is little; teach them how to avoid involuntary conception, natural tendency of the impulsive self; teach them the rules of hygiene that keep the creative apparatus free from the so-called venereal diseases; and, thus done your duty, let your children walk freely through the wide world.

If you had care to respect the judgment of your children from the cradle, if you tended with care your inner virtue, thus resonating in the inner virtue of your children, if, lastly, you trained your children to fear nothing and to be free, they will love without harming and without being harmed, and will fly higher and further than you ever reached.

What greater source of pride may parents have, than see how their children surpass them in everything? And there is in this simple and healthy egoism, that if you make of your children freer men and women than you are, and stronger, they in their turn will make of you ever) stronger and freer men and women when you reincarnate in their midst.

Each child that is born and grows healthy and free is the hope of mankind. Water then the flowers, 0 men, if you would someday gather the fruit! This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, heart & my tongue, whom I send this kiss.'