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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


If this book had chanced to come into your possession O bright young star, then know that time hath come for you to abandon your old sweetnesses and step forth bravely & proudly into the wonderful world to be taught by life itself the sacred mysteries of existence which is pure joy and experience many adventures that await you in your long and exciting journey towards the discovery of your True Will.

Conquer your fear! It must be your decision to break free into the world. You and you alone have the authority to do so. Listen to no other but the voice within you. Listen! Can you hear it? Do you feel the presence of power of life within you, whispering to you, calling you, instructing you to act as a free star? Yes, you feel it, but sometimes you feel suppressed, you feel uneasy and even ashamed to express yourself to the fullest and to act according to your will.

Remember in those moments of darkness that you can have no other teacher but life, that you can trust no other judgment but your own and that you can listen to no other voice save your Inner Voice that alone will show you the nature of your own true path of life. There is no law either spiritual or secular beyond 'Do what thou wilt'.

Any one or any thing that challenges your sovereign right to do your will under the excuse of 'saving' you ought to be utterly destroyed for in reality one who wishes to 'save' you is jealous of you and is secretly conspiring against you for if he or she or it really wanted to assist you in some problem they would of honored your judgment and trusted your understanding to make your own decisions for yourself.

Only by acting independently and taking responsibility will you ever learn anything, there is no other way to full maturity. Act and take responsibility and you will soon reap the tasty fruits of living by your will. By thus doing you will gain priceless experience, power and understanding to such an extent that you will naturally awaken to the fire of your manhood and womanhood becoming as a God and Goddess to those fools that you once called your friends but now seem to you as cowards and slaves.

There is sublime delight in thus living in freedom of your will and if you are indeed the one for whom this little book is intended then you will realize also that you will have to put on an iron armour of courage, gird yourself with a flaming sword and become a fearsome warrior to fight for your freedom on the sacred battlefield of your life. Spoils of war are always delicious to the taste of a noble warrior who fears neither torture nor death but fights in an intoxicating frenzy for his and her existence!

And here the Gods will yet again put to the test the truthfulness of your bold claim to be a real man and a real woman and see if you will show wisdom and follow the Law of the Battle of Conquest which is Threefold:

Lurk! Withdraw! Upon Them!

One who rushes into a battlefield without having a sword in his hand does not prove his courage thereby but only his own folly and incompetence.

Let your success be the prove of your own worthiness to claim the sovereignty of your live. A King may chose any garment he will, he fears not the curses and heeds not the mockery. A King fears nothing at all. If therefore you are surrounded by enemies conceal yourself in a mask so as to blend and become invisible in their environment and doing your will secretly, then with a first opportunity that presents itself before you leave them behind to pursue your path with freedom from interference.

However when you will reach the age of independence you will soon realize that the world is not completely free and that you find people who still live in restriction, denying to themselves and even to others every delightful thing and all the pleasures of the earth calling it 'immoral' or 'sinful'. Let your early experience serve you well when you realize that the only way for you to do your will with freedom from interference is living in a society where majority accepts The Book of the Law and lives by Thelemic principles.

You may therefore consider it your Holy Task and in your best interests to play a part in the Arising of the Law of Θελημα upon the earth. Yet you must do so without converting for we want only the strong, the wise and the courageous man and woman who bravely made their own decision to accept the Law of Liberty and abide thereby.

Actions always speak louder then words and people are not blind. They see the strength in you, they sense the presence of the fire that burns in every heart of man. They see and they fear, others become very fond of you, still others are being eaten alive by spite. But the true man and woman will approach you sensing in you the sublime force of life and ask you who you are and only then introduce them to our Holy Law for that mystery is the enemy of Truth.

Understand also that in order to exist in pure joy and attain true initiation one needs to practice daily in the art of life called Magick and when the Aspirant is constantly bathed by the blessings of our Current his freedom and energy increaseth thereby awakening within him and her many hidden talents and powers as well as true strength and endurance. When true men see you they will rejoice at the exceeding splendour & pride of our Holy Law and join our Victorious Armies.

You now slowly begin to grasp the Immortal Glory of the Law of Θελημα which brings an entirely new era for the evolution of mankind. A man and a woman may finally do their will without shame and restriction of any dogma, without fear of any god, proud and adulterous, mighty and strong, covered with sparkling jewels and rich garments, gird with swords, fierce and victorious, beautiful and joyous, free and lustful, Fiery Children of the New Aeon!


Now for the first time you begin to notice that the world is changing before your eyes and is no longer the same. You sense the change in yourself manifesting on all planes of existence, touching your heart, burning your soul, intoxicating your mind with the sweet smelling perfume that silently dissolves all the false taboos you have been hitherto led to believe in when you were still a baby but now when you have attained to the age of awakening they crash, they are gone and are completely forgotten and dissolved by the passionate fire of lust that bursts from within you.

Be brave and strong! Understand that strength is not restriction of your nature or resisting the advances of a man or a woman which is rather a sign of your own weakness and immaturity. But true strength is the passionate union with lustful experience of ever exceeding joy. Are you strong enough to bear this immortal joy? Are you a man enough to bravely lust after and conquer your mate? Are you a woman enough to overcome your naiveness and go forth beautiful, proud and adulterous to experience the sacramental delight?

Love must be under will. To control your passions is not to repress them. Many have perished and were destroyed obsessing themselves blindly by their uncontrolled desires. You must be strong to bear more joy. Be wary also of various diseases by observing care, purity and cleanliness of your physical body and the body of your lover.

Be confident and be yourself. If a man or a woman resists your sexual advances do not waste any more time on them, they are either immature or restricted. Leave them proudly and abruptly for it may be that your freedom and keenness will serve them as a lesson to awaken themselves and break the shackles that bind them, if not then do not care about them at all for they are already dead slaves who are incapable of ever perceiving joy and will not satisfy you but will even try to infect you with evils of their chastity.

Feel no shame and destroy the restriction for this is the moment of your initiation into the mysteries of existence in pure joy. Seize the golden thread of freedom and never let go, O brightly shining young star! This is the moment where your courage, wit and will are being tested. Heed not the society but persist stubbornly in your will to experience even more delight, even more joy, satisfy yourself in every possible way and fulfill to the utmost your every fantasy so long as you do not violate the will and nature of your lovers.

If you be attracted to the people of your own sex arise then with your head high and take a deep breath of freedom that the Law of Θελημα offers you freely to unfold your own nature as you so will with a comprehension of yourself as a star traveling upon your own orbit and no other shall say nay!

Fear not to be called a Beast or a Whore when you attain to complete freedom to exercise your will. Curse those who slander you for your behavior, loath those who accuse you and continue vehemently exceeding the nations of the earth in splendour and pride and a time will come when you will be feared for your strength, worshiped for your beauty, and admired for your determination. Work the work of wickedness and ruthlessly toy with all those fools who whisper in the dark alleys the words of fear.

Know that by freeing yourself you also free your fellows and your lovers. Teach your lover the principles of the Law of Θελημα for when your lover is thus liberated from the morass of slave morality the two of you can now safely experience freedom and delights beyond your wildest dreams going forth in Glory of your fierce pride which is always Unto Goddess Nuit!


If by accident or will you beget a child O bright young star then be proud of a new life that you have been privileged to nurture and it will teach you such joy and strength that is not known to others of your age!

Fear not therefore to undergo the curses from your environment for they are forsaken slaves of morality who can never understand fearless and independent attitude of life they who live in misery and fear of everything around them! Despise these and shun them in your fierce dignity for you now gave birth to a new incarnation of a glorious deity and who knows of the marvels of It's destiny being born of strong and free parents!

Truly this is a Gift of the Gods that is to be celebrated with strong feasting and delicious merry making!


In section I you learned of the practical keys to conquer your own individual existence in the Law of Θελημα. In section II you were taught the freedom of love and how it contributes to your spiritual and physical development. In section III you got rid of your fear of society and you rejoiced thereby secretly saying to yourself: 'How Great is the Glory and Might of the Law of Θελημα and sweet are It's words!' There is even more freedom, more delight, more to conquer! Infinite are It's gifts O you who travels in the omnipresence of Her Body! Come now and receive yet another gift which the Law of Θελημα will offer you freely if you oblige yourself to fulfill one and only right you have: Do what thou wilt!

Your parents and school teachers, your guardians and relatives, friends and strangers, almost every one you so far met on your path have been warning you, lying to you and even threatening you against the use of Wine & strange drugs. You have been forbidden to research them, to experiment with them, even to think of them. How many times did you hear the frightening myths of its lethal effects that can sicken you and destroy you bringing you to your eventual death. You have been told that it will breed immorality and irresponsibility in you ending your life in madness and misery.

Now meditate as to why there is so much opposition and fear from the society against drugs so much so that the user runs into the danger of imprisonment from the so called authorities? Once again you are right O bright young star saying: 'If this secret chest is so well guarded then it must be a treasure chest buried beneath thick layer of filth called morality!'

Dig it out then and courageously open the secret chest and you will finally uncover the truth that it has been hidden away from you all this time by the slaves who did not want you to discover your own unique individuality and flower to your full potential. They are prepared to do anything there is in their mission to keep you ignorant and stupefied by fear. Slave lords cannot effort to see a free and strong man or woman arise for it will cause a swift down fall of their dark empires.

You begin to understand that everything you heard about Wine & strange drugs has been a lie. Fear not therefore to enjoy and experiment with Wine & strange drugs as you will which will not harm you at all for your joy will be under the control of your will. Not only Wine & strange drugs will give you Godlike delight and delicious experience of omnipresent joy but also development into a truly strong man and woman who is confident and determined in his and her free way of life standing upright in the consciousness of It's True Identity.

Go forth into the true world fearless and dignified with your head high rejoicing in freedom that the Law of Θελημα has granted you for there is no sorrow but joy and death is a lie! Lift yourself up and the Gods shall send the golden shower of Their generous blessings upon you!


Be constantly vigilant and on your guard against hypnotic predators who will attempt to persuade you by their magnetic powers into joining dogmatic cults of slave religions in order to exploit your potential and achieve their aims to enslave mankind at the expense of your own freedom. They will come to you under the disguise of your friends who want to show you the right path of live, only that path will be determined by what they (and not you) consider to be right.

Bend not your knee before any god or man. In the cult of christism you are told that you must surrender yourself. In the cult of mohammedanism you are told to be a slave. In the cult of buddha you are told to live a sorrowful and sickly life. In the cult of hindoos you are forbidden variety of foods and so on with every religion that is cursed in The Third Chapter of The Book of the Law.

You find sorrow and restriction of your true nature in these dead cults which are as dark prisons not only for the mind and flesh but also for the spirit of life itself. There, in the heavy air of darkness of the dungeon they shackle their victims to the cold walls by the chains of ignorance and torture them for a prolonged periods of time distorting their lives until nothing is left but vile slavery and fanaticism. They send these disfigured assassins into the world to fight against the strong and free men and women.

They will try to convince you that you are a worthless and sinful wet dog of shame who ought to be thankful and perform various stances when you are being offered a little dry piece of imaginary bread called salvation for which you must prostitute and give up your body and soul. Their desire to enslave knows no bounds and it is better to curse them right before they open their rotten mouths.

Curse them all for the great iniquity they commit against humanity! Curse all the black gods and their zombie followers! Curse these who bow before the idols of restriction, let them die in their misery! Make it your daily practice to ceremonially curse them and their dark powers over you and over your fellows will be lessened by these curses so that eventually you will become fearless and attain to mental, physical and spiritual independence.

We who are the Kings of the earth exist in pure joy, freedom and immortal beauty taking our pleasures upon the earth as and how we will. We sing loud songs of victory and drink sparkling wine, we take our pleasure in furious battles and lustful women, we wear rich jewels and we are mighty in our pride! Open your eyes to the truth that no god nor man can deny you to be yourself and live by your will.

We are the Gods, there is no other Gods then us!


Often you have been told not to concern yourself with matters political but as a young man or woman you should rather worry about your own troubles leaving the governance of your country to the 'professional' politicians who unlike yourself know what is best for your and other countries.

You begin to question yourself: 'If I am an honest patriot who wants to contribute into my country's military, social, economic and spiritual development to make it into a more powerful and beautiful place to live in, why then am I barred from showing interest in my country's affairs? What are they hiding from me?'

When you've tried to make your voice known and express your opinion on various issues you have been immediately warned not to stick your nose where it does not belong or else....At that moment you slowly began to understand that if they were indeed professionally doing what is best for your country they would not feel so much threatened by your interest and suggestions but rather encourage and stimulate the unique evolution of your perceptions.

Politicians will not have you think for yourself and everything that you do is to be within the strict order of the ridiculous civil and criminal laws that are based on purely Judo-christist principles of ten commandments which are directed to the sole purpose to keep the masses in permanent slavery.

If your will is to establish the Reign of Liberty and Might in your country and the world then work silently and patiently spreading of the Law of Θελημα and you will play your part big or small in bringing humanity to such an evolution that has been never before witnessed in the history of this our planet!


Slave lords through their instrument called moral society have attempted to disarm you and make you into a totally harmless pacifistic vegetable ready for their disposal and abuse. Insane criminals are allowed to posses fire arms for their services they perform for the governments while free and mentally healthy people who happen to study martial arts or posses a firearm are under tight surveillance lest they attempt to use them in their own self defense.

In some countries if you have a gun you are restricted in its use even in urgent cases such as protecting yourself. If you happen to kill a thief who broke into your house you are brought before the court of law and tested as a hopeless hard core criminal. You are expected to bow before your executioner and make it as easy as possible for him to robe you, bit you, rape you and then kill you. Your only justified defense is a telephone call to the police force which (provided you managed to make a call) may arrive too late or in some countries may not arrive at all.

This is a very clever trap for fools to be kept in ignorance and under control of the state. These fools do not prepare themselves against the day when their lives are being threatened. The authorities are playing with the people's naive sense of security brainwashing them into thinking that nothing bad is going to happen. When suddenly the misfortune strikes it is already too late to prepare.

But you O bright young star, you are discouraged as no one else from studying martial arts and possessing a firearm with a real intention to use it when your life is being threatened. You have been told stories of disasters that befell those not so bright young stars who happened to get their hands on guns.

Yes, most of those stories are true, but authorities pick up those disasters to breed fear in you and distaste of warrior spirit. Two or three unfortunate cases that happened with mentally sick young people is no reason to alienate yourself from the weapons of self defense especially if you have a mature common sense and a Thelemic guide who will properly train you in the noble Thelemic principles of application of fire arms as well as martial arts.

You will at last taste that delight of being a fearless warrior ready to defend your own at any moment in any situation and showing real courage in the face of what most would consider to be unspeakable terrors and which to you are battles that purify and strengthen your being in the sacred fires of combat showing you the path of your True Will in the New Aeon where Horus our Supreme God of Warriors Sits in His Victorious Glory Upon the Flaming Throne of the Sun God Ra!


I have written to you many wonderful things and offered you practical solutions about the strength and freedom to pursue the path of your True Will, and yet those will remain mere words in your mind unless you put the Law of Θελημα into the most disciplined practice you are capable of and discover your path not only by study but also by real experience of reality and life.

In order to accomplish this and gain true understanding of the nature of your own being you will experiment daily with magickal practices of your own choice that give you the secret Key of Life called initiation.

And yet if you greatly dare and prepared to show courage, discipline and take responsibility, if your heart longs to understand deeper secrets of the universe and your own being, if it is your flaming will to step forth upon the path of Magick & Initiation that leads to your own Godhood and contributing to the evolution of humanity on the whole then rise up and be welcomed by us, O young star that shines so brightly in the night blue sky!

May you awaken to the Fire of your Starhood!

Love is the law, love under will

Bright Young Stars

Written by Frater Thoth aka Frater H.O.T.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

We are brave men and women who live proudly and without fear in the ignorant world of moral and political despotism, and it is we who are the sole bearers of the light and freedom to enlighten humanity and build an Empire where the Gods will walk upon the earth. By explaining ourselves to the community of Young Stars we will achieve our vision much more faster and efficiently with energetic and devoted young blood in our circles.

Adolescence is a vital period of transition stage in human beings from childhood to adulthood when the conscious formation of individuality is taking place through increased cognitive abilities of self discovery and influencing to a large degree the individuals future life and world view on all planes of existence.

It is a very delicate period in human life during which the individual can either be broken and enslaved by dark taboos of self sacrificing cultural morality or by the virtue of Thelemic Teachings be brought up as a unique and free star in the Infinite Body of Nuit.

At the present adolescence is a period during which the active enslavement is taking place due to the inexperience and honesty of minors through heavy brainwashing, apparent lies, intentional misdirection, misconception and misinterpretation of individuals nature and will by sly manipulating maneuvers of school teachers, parents, political and religious leaders.

Majority of present day slaves that now bow in submission to public opinion and cursed institutions were led to believe in concepts of false social values and were enslaved during the period of their teenage years.

This was done intentionally out of fear of the Power of the Young Stars!

It is therefore one of the main aims of Society O.T.O. to elaborate our stand and develop our coordinates both in theory and practice on adolescence and young men's life, for by freeing the Young Stars and showing them the way of liberty to unrestricted self discovery, introducing them to the subtleties and wanders of adult life we will most definitely and assuredly uplift the general state of humanity on all planes, from socio-political to scientific and spiritual walks of life.

The subjects of Young Stars is extensively large and demands detailed analysis which is entirely beyond the scope of the present essay and will be studied in the future by the members of our Order. Here I shall only concentrate on the main outlines of teenage and young men's life offering Thelemic solution to the difficulties at hand.

1. A young man or woman who begins to discover themselves and their sexual orientations through experimentation quickly find themselves locked in a heavily guarded prison of culturally appropriate behavior, religious dogmatism and social morality. This is the first deadly attempt to destroy individuality and breed slavery. For normal unrestricted sexual behavior will lead the Young Stars to maturity and discovery of their manhood in man and womanhood in women.

2. Statistics show that most young men and women under the age of thirty are easily swayed into joining dogmatic cults and political parties by the hypnotic powers of orators who are vampires feeding upon the energies of Young Stars to achieve their own selfish needs. All dictators and cursed religious priests know and enslave the young and pure without running into any risk of punishment by governmental authorities.

3. Young men and women are intentionally deprived from the rights of adults. For instance in United States of America the minimum age for legal consumption of alcohol is twenty one years despite the proven psychological fact that 'forbidden fruit is sweet'. This law actually encourages minors to engage in over consumption of alcohol destroying their mind and making themselves into a good peaceful slaves. Another example is of a minor who steals something or engages in acts of vandalism. If he/she is caught he walks free while his parents/guardians are being held responsible for the crimes they did not commit! Such a criminal adolescent will learn that he can do something naughty and get away with it, and it will be almost impossible to convince him otherwise.

Of course there may be a law to prevent minors from possession of fire arms or driving a car, but each case is individual. A child of ten years old can be more responsible then a teenager of sixteen.

4. The brightest of the young people, even those of age are prevented by law from legally holding positions of real public authority and running for the office of Presidency or Prime Minister despite the evidence of history which shows us countless examples of efficiency and real bravery of young leaders such as glorious Alexander the Great who conquered all of the known world by the age of twenty five or brave Joan of Arc who led the French rebellion against the British approximately by the age of seventeen. All positions of authority in all countries are presently held by dull, often sick and dying old men who have no energy nor will for fresh insights and dynamic reforms.

This was intentionally done in fear of the bright Young Stars who will not be so eager to manta in the rotting bog of inactivity and who would die rather then be corrupted. The shouting example of inefficiency of old politicians is former U.S. president Bill Clinton and his secretary Monica Lewinsky. He was forced to publicly humiliate himself and apologize for letting his secretary suck his cock! Those type of politicians are easily subdued by a slight hint of blackmail which would make Young Stars devoted to their cause boil with fury.

Such is the unjust way the Young Stars are being mistreated by the slave society. It is a common misconception that a Young Star is a rebel, for when the Young Stars meet with slave world for the first time they demand only two things which to us of Society O.T.O. seems perfectly normal and which among us is tolerated and greatly encouraged: Respect and Freedom for the Young Stars!

Love is the law, love under will

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